Paintings by Sarina are usually in bright Australian colours: mostly blues, greens & aquamarines. She uses shades of blue and turquoise to calm and soothe, reminiscent of relaxing beachside holidays and time spent in the sun and surf. She lives and works in Sydney's Northern Beaches, inspired by textured & patterned still life, landscapes and coastal views. Her works on canvas or paper can involve layering materials like watercolour, acrylic, oils, inks, plaster, sand & gold leaf, sewing & stiching in nails, ropes, beads and shells before finishing with glazes or resin to simulate the luminosity of water. Sarine is a well know Australian artist whose imagery has been sold world wide for many years as original artworks, prints & home wares. Perpetually exploring new concepts and techniques that distinguish her work, she enjoys the freedom her art offers both artist and audience. She paints what she sees and loves _ that which inspires and gives a sense of great beauty and happiness.



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