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Jigsort - 1500 Pieces

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Jigsort is a perfect solution for handling and storing loose jigsaw puzzle pieces and partly completed puzzles - you can easily move a puzzle from one room to another room without disturbing it. You can even take a puzzle with you when visiting another home or going on holidays.

All Jigsorts share the same attributes...... At the heart of each one is a rigid Construction Board (a Jigboard) on which the puzzle is made. The board is completely covered in a special soft fabric that makes it a joy to work with. It can be placed on any table or shiny surface without the least fear of scratching. The fabric covering keeps the pieces attached to the surface and this, combined with a raised edge around the board, ensures that individual pieces are never lost.All of jigsaw holders come complete with Sort Trays that have the same special soft fabric on the inside. These trays are used for storing the non-assembled pieces but they can also be used for constructing small sections for later transfer to the main Construction Board. Each Sort Tray has its own lid to keep the pieces in place when the puzzle is not being worked upon. Jigsaw cases for 500 pieces (Jigsort 500) have two made-to-measure Sort Trays whilst the cases for 1,000 and 1,500 pieces (Jigsort 1000 and Jigsort 1500) each have four made-to-measure Sort Trays.Regardless of which size you choose, you will find that the Sort Trays in all the Jigsorts are made to fit snugly into the Construction Board and by so doing all the jigsaw pieces are kept firmly in place. The whole assembly can then be zipped up inside the attractive carrying case and in this condition partly completed jigsaws can be safely stored or transported elsewhere for use in the future

* Jigsort 1500 accommodates almost all 1500 piece jigsaw puzzles - up to 91.5cm x 66cm

* Free Delivery Promotion with in Australia Only

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